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Guided tours at your own convenience



TourViews creates personal and high-quality tours in Brussels at your convenience. Whether it'll be by bike or on foot. TourViews can organize tours in the touristic city or at less popular areas, always including in-depth history, interesting stories and personal details.'


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Did you already visit Brussels? Or are you just more interested in the less touristy areas? Then this is your tour! Starting in the city centre we move on to the outskirts of Brussels. I’ll be talking about the evolution through the ages, (multi)cultural & local life, upcoming neighborhoods, street art,… And of course the best chocolates and Belgian are to be found on this 2h30 tour!

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Did you know that there are a lot of statues with a Congo-link in Brussels? This 3 hour is explaining all these statues that were put up for the Belgian so-called heroes. Besides that we’ll pass many buildings with remarkable stories and historical facts on politics and economics in the 19th century. During the 3 hour walk you’ll get an insight in this unknown and cruel Belgian history.

Did you know that Belgium has strong blondes, sour & sweet beers and traditional brown beers? On this tasty tour you’ll discover them all! Plus you’ll also get to know much more about the brewing proces, the history of beers, the right way to taste a beer and the new Brussels beers. Besides that, all 3 bars we go to on the 2h30 tour have unique stories and interiors.

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All the tours are open for children and families for groups up to 25 people.

The tour are also available en Français, auf Deutsch en in het Nederlands

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A Belgian born local I moved to Brussels 20 years ago. And I've surely not regret it! Today I still love this diverse city more than ever: to go to concert, to taste beers with friends or just to walk through the historical streets. At a youth organization I started first organizing tours for our trainees. Later I became a Greeter - a local who shows his city to tourists - and discovered that guiding people is what I really love to do: meeting people, taking the through the city, learning them about the history and the local life, having a drink,... Damn, what a great job! Yes, because now I am a professional guide, combining my passion for history with my presentation skills as a journalist. See you on tour!


Place Saint-Géry
1000 Brussel

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